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I am a life-long adventurer of sound and listening—as a classical pianist, vocalist, choral director, improviser, singer/songwriter; and now as a facilitator of programs exploring vocal sounding and focused listening as vibrational portals to healing, integration and Wholeness.

Leah Hokanson

Creator & Facilitator

I am an adult educator, spiritual spelunker, and program 'midwife,' with over forty years’ experience helping to breathe life into budding opportunities. I delight in exploring the intertidal zone where science and spirituality overlap, and in applying spiritual principles to innovative contexts.

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Lynette Jackson

Creator and Facilitator

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I am a sound enthusiast and passionate supporter of local community, wellness, and healing. I have a background in Media and Public Interest and enjoy creating engagement strategies, considering user experience, coordinating events, and connecting with others online and in person. When I'm not collaborating with inspiring local artists, healers, and changemakers, I enjoy eating Gabriola-grown food, exploring in the forest, playing in the snow, canoeing, learning about sustainable and alternative lifestyles, foraging and nature-crafting, singing, volunteering, and most of all, playing with my pup, Violet!

Paula Brent

Creative Contributor

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