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Lynette Jackson

Certified Sound Therapist

Certified Master Hypnotherapist

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Sounds Wonderful!

I invite you to breathe deeply, let go, and allow sound-infused hypnosis to gently strengthen and align your vital energetic core in harmony with your stated intentions and desires.  This unique blend of sound healing and hypnnotherapeutic techniques reflects decades of yogic, Tibetan Buddhist, and metaphysical Christian spiritual practice.  When our subconscious programming comes into harmonic resonance with our authentic spirit, mind, and body, profound transformations are indeed possible. What are you ready to release, revitalize, or restore?

The heart is a thousand-stringed instrument
that can only be tuned with love. — Rumi

When: by appointment

Where: in-person or online

Fee: $70-$100 per hour (sliding scale)


Call/text: 250-668-8840

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