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The Vocal Sounding & Intentional Listening Portals

Sound, Belonging & Wholeness

explores the power of sounding and intentional listening using three Portals:

Pure Sounding, Expressive Sounding and Original Sounding


Pure Sounding

Pure Sounding is the voice acting as a purely vibrational medium, through a technique known as toning. Toning is creating a sustained sound and can be a hum, Om, Ah (or any other vowel sound), or Overtoning (sometimes called Overtone Chanting, Overtone Singing, Harmonic Singing, etc.). Pure Sounding is both a powerful meditative tool, and vibrational healing tool that can be directed to different parts of the body having tremendous healing benefits, including (from The Humming Effect by Andi and Jonathan Goldman):

  • Increased oxygen in the cells—enhancing health and wellness

  • Lowered blood pressure and heart rate

  • Increased lymphatic circulation—clearing toxins from the body

  • Increased levels of melatonin—a hormone that enhances sleep

  • Reduced levels of stress related hormones—enhancing health and wellness

  • Release of endorphins—self-created opiates that work as “natural pain relievers” and make us feel good

  • Increased levels of nitric oxide, (NO), a molecule associated with vasodilation and the promotion of healing

  • Release of oxytocin –the “love” hormone, creating trust between us


Click below and we will guide you through a simple Pure Sounding meditation:


Expressive Sounding

Expressive Sounding is the way we use primal and creative vocal expression to acknowledge and move waves of emotional energy. Rooted in self-compassion, Expressive Sounding is also a way we deeply honour and radically accept the waves of our experience (even the most challenging ones) using a tool we call Vocal Intervention.


Remember when you were a kid, and you saw something icky and went "eeew," or you got excited about something and went "weeeee!" These sounds were natural, spontaneous, in-the-moment expressions of what was actually happening. 


As adults, when we have experiences (especially challenging ones), we often go straight to mental processing via thought and speech. This effort to “manage” the experience is often fraught with self assessing, analyzing, judging (What the heck did I do that again for? Geez, I thought I was over that stuff; you get the idea); or, we look for reasons why. When we use our voices to “intervene” and give voice to our experience, we move the energy, and often as a result the (real) “why” will float into our awareness without effort.


We also use Expressive Sounding (and movement) to explore sub-personalities (all the voices that live inside us), and when we simply need to let off steam (i.e. get our "ya-yas" out).


Click below for more on Expressive Sounding.


Original Sounding

Original Sounding is the vibratory essence of belonging. The voice that lives in us is both the sound that brought the Universe into being, and the sound that is entirely unique to us. What does that mean exactly? It is an ever unfolding Mystery that eludes simple definition via language. Like all things vibratory, we know when we are aligned with the perception of that Energy that envelops all of who we are as an indispensable facet of All That Is.

Original Sounding recognizes that health, healing and integration are inseparable from our innate belonging in Wholeness. We trust the wisdom of vibrational source—be it physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, ancestral, spiritual, or any other manifestation of vibratory Wholeness. When we surrender to the mystery of Wholeness we are invoking healing and integration on whatever level is needed.

Original Sounding recognizes that our own healing is inseparable from the healing of our fragile world. Our intentional listening affirms the life sounding all around us: the human, and the more-than-human. As we give voice we honour and amplify our vibratory Wholeness. Both in listening, and in sounding, our reality is rooted in the intimate symphony of Wholeness happening around us and within us, all the time.

Click below and we will guide you through an Original Sounding meditation you can do anytime/anywhere:

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