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More about Lynette...

My early years focussed on scholarship, music, and immersion in both conventional and less orthodox expressions of spirituality: initiation into a mystical tradition at age 12, confirmation in the United Church at age 14, and receipt of the Governor General's Medal for academic achievement at age 17. I studied classical piano and music theory with the Royal Conservatory of Toronto for a dozen of those years, and participated in many choirs, capped by a summer of travel and competition in international music festivals.

After completing a degree in English literature, I devoted eleven years to living and teaching at a Canadian spiritual centre, where I explored both Eastern and Western maps of consciousness with leading-edge teachers, and was formally initiated into the spiritual lineage of esteemed yogi Swami Sivananda.

My career as a facilitator includes multiple graduate-level leadership training programs delivered in Africa and the Middle East, as well as innovative collaborations with tribal councils, federal and provincial governments, non-profit organizations, personal and professional growth centres, and post-secondary institutions.

Along the way I have accrued graduate courses in the disciplines of Child and Youth Care and International and Intercultural Communications, and certification as a clinical hypnotherapist. This mulligan stew of adventures over decades has served to deepen my appreciation of the silence, stillness, and space enfolding the vibratory nature of reality. I am honoured to partner in this vibrational offering with Leah, and remain curious to explore whatever wants to happen next.

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