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There is in all visible things, a hidden Wholeness. - Thomas Merton


Photo credit: Larry White

Welcome to the Sound, Belonging & Wholeness Community:

We are a community of like-hearted explorers of the wonders of self-created sound and focused listening.  Our programs, circles and groups are offered online, and in person as circumstances permit. To find out more about the Sound, Belonging & Wholeness perspective visit the Tuning to Wholeness Blog.  And if you'd like to gift a program to a friend, colleague, student, family member, you name it, please get in touch!

  • what it means to belong to the Whole;

  • how vocal sounding and focused listening honours, activates and amplifies our innate vibrational belonging in Wholeness;

  • how vocal sounding and focused listening are portals to presence and embodied knowing.

  • how to discern the difference between our vibrational reality and our “storied” reality, and why it matters!

  • how vocal sounding can help us accept and honour our in-the-moment experience-allowing it to move through!

  • intention setting in the context of Wholeness;

  • how our experiences are informed, and our relationships influenced, by the reality of Wholeness.

  • resonance, and how it informs our present moment experience (i.e. what opens; what closes).

  • how vibrational source meets us in the physical, emotional, spiritual and ancestral realms.

  • How, in the words of Sound Healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman: "frequency + intention = healing."

Together we Explore

Together we explore ...

  • what it means to belong in Wholeness.

  • how sound, vocal sounding and intentional listening honours, activates and amplifies our innate belonging in Wholeness.

  • how to discern the difference between our vibrational reality and our “storied” reality, and why it matters!

  • how our own healing and integration is intimately connected with the healing and integration of our relationships, our communities, and our world.

Together we

learn ...

  • humming, toning and chanting techniques.

  • to breathe, breathe, breathe.

  • how to "free up" the voice.

  • Intentional Listening practices.

  • Embodied Inquiry practices.

  • how to use Vocal Intervention.

  • the wonders of the Vagus Nerve.

  • how in the words of sound healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman: frequency + intention = healing.


from our Participants!

  • I really enjoyed the experience of the Sound, Belonging and Wholeness workshop. There is something very liberating about exploring my own voice in this context. Using the Zoom platform gave the added benefit of being in the privacy of my own living room which gave me "permission" to open up in my sounding. -Jennie

  • The great benefit for me was a combination of the material you put together ... (Pure Sounding, Expressive Sounding, Original Sounding) ... the things that you kept consistent--like the meditation--and also what was varied within the program. I also appreciate very much your presence. I find that each of you has such unique energy and presence. -Vanessa

Your comments and feedback are important to us! If you'd like to share your experience please get in touch.

  • The idea of the Vibrational nature of everything, even our emotions is often overwhelming for me. My own need for a sense of belonging ... could there be a connection to my instinct? I am still thinking about it all. Still asking questions, still entranced. -Peter

  • I am walking around the house, puttering and hear myself humming.  In the other room, I hear both of my grandsons humming while they play.  And as we hum, I know we all feel like we are doing something good for ourselves. It seems a simple revelation, but profound really.  And I delight in the almost physical form sound takes for me now as I consider what I learned with Leah and Lynette and how relevant it is to every single day of my life. -Sandy

  • The Vibrational belonging opened up the world of peace I was longing to return to. -Janet

Our World Community

Our World Community

Below is an evolving list of people and organizations that promote vocal sounding and focused listening

as healing, creative, and spiritual practices.

Jill Purce (The Healing Voice)

Matthew Kocel (Cosmic Throat Singer)

David Hatfield (The Singing Soul)


Karina Schelde (Soul Voice®)

The Center for Deep Listening

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