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The Sound, Belonging & Wholeness Journey-Part 1

There was a time when our sense of belonging arose from a shared sense that human life was enfolded within (for lack of a better expression) the more-than-human. A common underlying theme can be traced through myriad spiritual expressions of ancient cultures: We belonged simultaneously to the earth and to God, the divine, the Universe.  This core perception was an individual and communal given, informing the personal, the relational, and the societal at the most fundamental levels. We sensed cohesion with something larger than ourselves that was guiding and illuminating our day-to-day life.

Since the rise of mechanistic materialism, what was once a "given" has given way to the idea that the Universe functions as a machine-like assemblage of separate parts in motion.  This fragmented sense of reality is also reflected in the noun-based English language: this is a horse, that is a chair; this is me, that is you. English speakers communicate through language that reinforces the perception of separateness within a world-view that undermines any notion that we truly belong, innately and intimately, within the Whole.Speech is a necessary part of how we function as humans, and yet it can too frequently serve as an amplifier of our language-driven thoughts. Many of us love to sing, but for some even the idea of singing can be quite terrifying. We believe this is exacerbated by the Western notion of professionalizing "singers," giving rise to the so-called "non-singers" (there it is again, language dividing us!). 

The truth is, our voices are meant for so much more! In fact, many spiritual traditions regard the voice (the throat chakra) as the medium between the physical and the metaphysical, or form and spirit. Imagine then the healing and transforming potential-literally under our noses.  The journey of Sound, Belonging & Wholeness is an invitation to remember, reclaim, affirm and amplify this vital and creative birthright.

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