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Why Sound, Belonging & Wholeness?

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Take back your own listening

Use your own voice

See your own light

- Hildegard of Bingen

Sound is an essential and miraculously enveloping aspect of our human experience. From the soothing rhythms of our mother's body during our sojourn in the womb to the release of our final exhalation, we are both immersed in and continually contributing to a vast, ever-flowing global symphony. Whether we choose to spend most of our time in a vibrant city that never sleeps, or tucked away in a creative rural sanctuary, or engaged in exploring the mysterious far reaches of our planet, sound is always both within and surrounding us -- and we are constantly receiving and transmitting signals that affirm our vibrational place in the miracle of this moment, and this one, and this one too! We truly belong to our world of sound.

Sound, Belonging & Wholeness is all about discovering and celebrating the power of this continual vibratory immersion. Together we cultivate our innate gifts of focused listening and vibratory sound-making as portals to increased alignment with personal well-being and self-expression. Simple and profound techniques are shared and practised. Our natural gifts of listening and sound-making are gently cultivated. As mindfulness of sending and receiving sound takes root, creativity, calmness, compassion, and intuitive connection with All That Is blossoms within.

There are a multitude of competing forces and opposed perspectives jangling our current passage of time. Sound, Belonging & Wholeness offers one path among many to cultivate inner peace and joyous expression. By cultivating vibrational alignment we strengthen our power in the moment to choose whether to succumb to the buffeting of escalating social and environmental turbulence, or to intentionally abide within the sanctuary of consciousness, while contributing as we may to the harmony of life beyond the storms.

The point of power is in the present moment. We invite you to come play and explore the resonance of your own authentic voice as a path to belonging and Wholeness.

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