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Photo credit: Per-Arne Larsen

Sound, Belonging & Wholeness offers in-person and online programs, circles, groups and individual sessions that explore the wonders of sound (including self-created vocal sound) and intentional listening. Together we remember, reclaim, and affirm our innate belonging in Wholeness (our Essence!) through our collective and individual voices. We nurture a safe, compassionate, and enlivening environment for learning, expression, healing and transcendence (our Code of Ethics).

Our Intention

What do we

mean by Wholeness?

Our definition of Wholeness draws on the teachings of physicist David Bohm, who wrote "...mind and matter are not separate substances. Rather, they are different aspects of one whole and unbroken movement." This definition of Wholeness embraces an orientation to life that is    like sound, and like music    ever flowing, changing and evolving, and we are in constant relationship with it. The Sound, Belonging & Wholeness journey is an embodied process of growing in awareness of this truth.

The Call

The call to Presence

There is a voice, a call, that is both Universal and deeply personal. Sound, Belonging & Wholeness is about learning to listen to that voice. It is an exploration of what it means to belong in the deepest sense—as the loving Presence we all are. In Presence, we belong to the Whole: the Universe, the sun, the moon, the earth, our human and more-than-human communities, and each other. And we belong to ourselves.

Sound, Belonging & Wholeness invites you to reimagine what it means to belong, using sound and intentional listening as vibratory “welcome mats” to Wholeness. Through sound-making, including natural, creative vocal sound-making, and intentional listening practices we uncover the magic of sound as a powerful medium for healing and transformation. Want to know more? Explore our three Vocal Sounding and Intentional Listening Portals.

The power of Sound

Our journey of Wholeness

Sound, Belonging & Wholeness recognizes that our ever-evolving relationship with Wholeness is the spiritual ground upon which all other relationships come into being, grow and evolve. Our journey invites us to open to this truth in a fully embodied experiential way. As we grow and deepen in awareness, we help set each other free: free to love ourselves, one other, and our beautiful, turbulent world. Your relationship with sound, including the sound of your voice, and your intentional listening, is the most powerful tool you possess in allowing this vibratory reality to unfold. Curious to know more? Visit the Tuning to Wholeness blog.

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