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'The Voice of ...'

How the art of listening integrates natural, human and transcendent aspects of Wholeness.

Listen to everything all the time,

and remind yourself when you're not listening.

- Pauline Oliveros

Presented in collaboration with the Gabriola Ecumenical Society

The Series:

October: The Voice of Inclusion

November: The Voice of Compassion

December: The Voice of Wonder

January: The Voice of Power

February: The Voice of Faith

March: The Voice of Courage

April: The Voice of Renewal

May: The Voice of Grief

June: The Voice of Inspiration

The word "listen" contains the same letters as the word "silent."

- Alfred Brendel

'The Voice of ...' is a series of community gatherings (online for now) that delve into the art of listening: to each other, to the natural world, and to the call of the Divine (God, Source, Spirit, whatever language you choose). Each month will focus on a different theme, with the intention of exploring--through poetry, music, meditation, natural sound making, and discussion--how listening as a Spiritual Practice integrates natural, human and transcendent aspects of Wholeness.

When: Sunday, March 20th; 3:30-5pm

Where: Online via Zoom

How much: by donation ($10 suggested minimum per gathering)

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