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Consciousness is an internal relationship to the Whole. - David Bohm


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Welcome to the Membership Page!

Here's what you get if you become a Member:

Interested in becoming a


  • Access to weekly online sounding and focused listening gatherings (9-9:45am Sundays PT)

  • Access to monthly check-ins with your Sound, Belonging & Wholeness Community

  • Access to instructional and meditation audio and video materials (handy especially if you can't make a scheduled gathering)

  • $20 off any Sound, Belonging & Wholeness Weekend Immersion or 21-day Intensive Program

  • Free 2-hour Sound, Belonging & Wholeness Essentials Program

  • All for $20 per month, and you can cancel at any time

  • Is cost a barrier? Then please get in touch with us

Benefits of Membership
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