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Matthew Kocel

(Cosmic Throat Singer)

“Matthew Kocel’s music is so primal, so rich and brilliantly touches us on a deep level that opens our hearts.” - Dr. Joe Dispenza

Known as the “Cosmic Throat Singer”, Matthew Kocel creates a resonant field that seems to bend the very fabric of space and time. In our rapidly changing world, this timeless music connects us to our most primal roots and celestial origins. The pure devotion expressed through his voice is felt beyond words. The effect has been compared to sacred plant medicines. Prepare for insights, breakthroughs and transformation.


“Matthew is a musical magician, an auditory alchemist...You will be changed...”

- Wendy Chivers

Hailing from the rugged coast of British Columbia, Matthew Kocel is a leader in the global sound healing movement. In recent years he brought his vision-inducing concerts to France, Belgium, New York, the Western United States and Canada.

Dedicated to awakening the heart of humanity, Matthew is a committee member of the Global Wellness Institute Sound Healing Initiative. His music is now being featured in Dr Joe Dispenza’s live retreats and recorded meditations.

For more information about Matthew visit his website at:

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