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Linda Nicholls

Linda Nicholls is an elder, serving as a guide in transformational circle work for more than thirty-five years in North America and internationally.  She has worked intimately with people of all ages and several cultures leading energetically engaging and relational programs that focus on body, breath and energy training; conscious breathwork; psychedelic and other peak experience integration; shadow exploration; communication skills; sexuality; grieving; defining boundaries; conscious alternatives to depression; reviewing and renewing relationships; guiding teens and youth into their adulthood, and more. 


Linda is an unabashed student of life who enjoys exploring the vast variety of the wild and wonderful ways of being human. In each of her programs, she challenges participants to engage in exploration and integration, using breath, reflection, movement, inquiry, dialogue, and meditation. She believes embracing the fullness of our divine, authentic nature is vital for our self, our relationships, and for the world. Linda invites you to become an active participant in the necessary shift from an ego-centric to eco-centric paradigm that acknowledges the interdependence of all things.

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