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Gayla Meredith

Retired after 23 years in education in the Northwest Territories, Gayla Meredith moved to Gabriola in 2017 where she found restoration, renewal, recalibration, and re-focus at this new stage in her life’s journey. During her busy career in the north, Gayla was a passionate teacher, communication and political advocate for educators, and award-winning author. In retirement, as a life-long learner and to support her personal wellness journey, Gayla certified in the energy modalities of Healing Touch and Sound Therapy, and studied health and wellness teachings and research. Gayla is now passionate about the restorative nature of sound and energy modalities. She strives to share the “science behind the woo-woo” to help demystify how alternative therapies support health and wellness. Gratitude, compassion, self-care and giving back have been foundational to her wellness journey from surviving to thriving, both personally and professionally.

Gayla’s wellness practice offers trauma-informed, heart-centred, polyvagal-aware, and mindfulness-based services. For more information about available services, check Gayla’s business Facebook page:; Email:; Phone/Text: 250-327-8433

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