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The 21-day Immersion Program

The Sound, Belonging & Wholeness 21-day Immersion Program is designed to help you easily integrate vocal sounding and focused listening into your daily life. It combines twice-weekly check-ins with daily vocal sounding and focused listening meditations and exercises that explore, in a more immersive way, all the wonders that are available to you through your own creative vocal sounding, and focused listening.

Our check-ins combine sounding techniques and exercises, with group sharing and exploration that draw on various "vibrational reality" themes. You are also invited to keep a Noticing Journal which helps you open your awareness to the shifts that are happening in your life on a vibrational level. These shifts can range from sensory sensitivities to deep insights. 

Your program includes:

  • A small cohort

  • 12 hours of live content

  • Limited access to recordings

  • The Tuning to Wholeness Handbook w/:

          -  Self Care Guidelines

          -  Wholeness Affirmations

          -  Daily Meditation

          -  Glossary of Terms

          -  Links and other resources

  • Exploration of Embodied Inquiry: what it is and why it's important!

  • The Noticing Journal: Taking note of how you are experiencing shifts-from the mundane to the profound

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